Desiree Perez

desireex200My passion for wellness began in early childhood before I knew what healthy was. I enjoyed vegetable gardening with my parents, and found a deep connection with nature through growing my own food as an adult.

Fascinated with the human body and its ability to heal itself, I pursued a Master of Physical Therapy and graduated from Texas Tech in 2005. Over and over again I noticed my patients suffering chronic debilitating diseases that interfered with their potential to make progress. I was referred to IIN by a fellow therapist and I knew this was where I needed to be. I studied at IIN and graduated in 2011 with a new sense of hope that my patients can indeed improve their lifestyle and heal their bodies with proper nutrition and supplementation.

After suffering recurring ankle sprains and two fractures I was in chronic pain and scheduled to have a reconstructive surgery. By modifying my diet and incorporating supplements, I was able to heal my ankle completely and avoid a costly surgery.

I have a passion for exercise and have competed at a national level in figure competitions and coached others to compete as well. I also operate a nutrition store with my husband at the gym where he works as a personal trainer in Richardson. I have carried on the family gardening and my 4 year old daughter is learning the invaluable lesson of growing your own food. It is extremely important to me to introduce healthy concepts to children as it lays the foundation for making good choices.

I am available for individual health coaching sessions or group presentations.



Tel: 214-803-2877